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Kerrigans - 25 years of legal excellence

On the evening of 2 October 2015, clients, fellow practitioners, friends and family came together with Kerrigans at     a venue overlooking the Liverpool waterfront to celebrate its 25 years of service to the construction industry which Peter Kerrigan, the managing director of Kerrigans, described as “having gone in a heartbeat”.

So 25 years…where have they gone to? Since Peter Kerrigan set up his office in his front bedroom with just one secretary, Kerrigans has moved a long way. For starters, Kerrigans is no longer a ‘one-man band’ so to speak. Over the years, Kerrigans has worked with some great individuals to build, what is today, a dynamic and determined team offering experienced and specialist knowledge of, not only, construction matters but also many other areas including waste disposal, manufacturing, oil rigs and power stations.

However, Kerrigans is not Kerrigans without its clients, all of whom have shown their support and commitment time and time again. Kerrigans’ relationships built on reciprocal personal trust extend back 25 years and, in some cases, even more, that being something which Peter Kerrigan said “was a great honour” and one that he was “extremely proud of”.

So what does the future hold for Kerrigans? Hopefully, at least, another 25 years…


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