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MG Scaffolding (Oxford) Ltd v Palmloch Ltd [2019] EWHC 1787 (TCC)

The claimant started an adjudication in relation to a dispute concerning an invoice. In the notice of adjudication, the claimant referred to the responding party in the defendant’s trading name, rather than the actual company name. The defendant questioned the notice and the adjudicator’s jurisdiction. The adjudicator considered that the trading name could reasonably be construed to be the defendant.

ISG Construction Ltd v English Architectural Glazing Ltd [2019] EWHC 3482 (TCC) [May 2020]

Parties do not always go to court to recover money. As an example, a party may require a declaration from the court as to its contractual rights. Such declaration may be sought in, what are referred to as, Part 8 proceedings provided the question asked is unlikely to involve a substantial dispute of fact. Part 8 proceedings are generally less adversarial, more cost effective and more quickly resolved than Part 7 proceedings (used when a party wants to recover money).

C Spencer Ltd v MW High Tech Projects UK Ltd [2019] EWHC 2547 (TCC) [May 2020]

The parties entered into a subcontract for works which were ‘construction operations’ within the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (as amended) (the “1996 Act”). The subcontract was a hybrid contract in that it also provided for works which were not ‘construction operations’.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Construction and Engineering Projects [20 March 2020]

It does not appear as if the Coronavirus situation will resolve itself any time soon and it is almost inevitable that construction and engineering projects, both current and prospective, will be delayed or disrupted to some degree. If your project is affected, the starting point is to check the contract.

Do liquidated damages apply following termination of a construction contract? Well, it depends… [May

Construction contracts often include a liquidated damages (“LD”) clause in which the parties agree the financial consequences of the contractor’s delay. Typically, those clauses require the contractor to pay a pre-determined amount (often calculated on a daily or weekly basis) to the employer in the event the contractor fails to achieve completion as required by the contract by the contractual completion date. In doing so, the employer does not have to demonstrate its actual loss (or indeed any loss) resulting from the delay and, instead, deducts LD calculated at the pre-determined rate. The benefit to the contractor of an LD provision is that he is able to quantify his liability in the event of delay.

Hats off to the Kerrigans’ team

2015 has been a successful year for the Kerrigans’ team in gathering educational, legal and professional qualifications. In particular, Kerrigans would like to take this opportunity to congratulate:

Kerrigans - 25 years of legal excellence

On the evening of 2 October 2015, clients, fellow practitioners, friends and family came together with Kerrigans at a venue overlooking the Liverpool waterfront to celebrate its 25 years of service to the construction industry which Peter Kerrigan, the managing director of Kerrigans, described as “having gone in a heartbeat”.

Are You Ready for The Bribery Act?

In a change to the original programme, the last in our spring series of Breakfast Seminars covers the introduction of The Bribery Act which comes into force on 1st July 2011.

Good Practice for Contractors Tendering under NEC

In the third in our spring series of Breakfast Seminars, we will be focussing on the NEC family of contracts.

Enforcement Procedures Available to a Creditor

In the second in our series of Breakfast Seminars, we focus on ways of enforcing payment from your creditors