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Claims Preparation /Defence

Inevitably, delays occur and significant additional costs are incurred within the construction industry.

The key to recovering your entitlement to time and/or money lies in your ability to comprehensively determine cause and effect. Without that essential content you don’t have a claim. Of course there must be an underlying legal basis for your claim – after all, what is the point in expending money proving the value of your claim if the claim is barred under the contract?

At Kerrigans we work with you to first establish the proper legal basis for your claim and, if there is no legal basis for the claim, to inform you as soon as possible. Once the legal basis is established, our consultants and lawyers will assist you in pulling together all of the evidence to make out your case. Unlike others in this field, Kerrigans will not march in an army of its staff to take over the case; our philosophy is that we will work in the areas where you need our help.

On the flip-side, if you have received a claim, Kerrigans will quickly determine whether there is any legal basis for it and, if there is a legal basis, will assist you to analyse the alleged causes and effects and the periods of time and/or sums of money claimed.