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In House Training

Preparation is the key to any successful construction project. It is imperative that your team is thoroughly commercially aware and up to date with all current legislation, ensuring that you avoid costly delays and disputes. With the right training, such problems can be accurately avoided.
Kerrigans provides industry relevant training for all commercial and legal aspects of the construction industry. Our courses are not traditional legal seminars; we provide interactive, tailored courses ranging from the introductory to the comprehensive, on topics specifically adapted to suit your needs.
When arranging your in house training courses, your course provider will discuss with you all aspects of your training requirements, from how we can assist your development as an organisation, to what we can do to improve the skills of your individual employees. We will assist you in ensuring that all courses are both cost and time effective, minimising any negative impact on the day to day running of your organisation.
Our trainers are selected not only because they are specialists in their respective fields, but also because they are engaging and skilled presenters. Your course will be delivered by a consultant with considerable experience dealing with the topic in hand, giving them a thorough working understanding of the topics, as well as previous experience on which to base their advice.
Download the full list of training courses and sample course contents from our Resources Page.  NEC, JCT
For further information or a quotation please contact us directly to discuss your training needs.
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