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Risk Assessment

Disputes can be successfully avoided if the parties operate the contract as written. In order to properly operate the contract the parties must understand the burdens placed upon them in terms of administration and risk.

Kerrigans lawyers and consultants have a wealth of experience in analysing contracts and identifying those areas and/or processes that have the potential to give rise to disputes or are so “unusual” or burdensome as to warrant particular attention.

Of course, once the parties have entered into the contract, it may be too late to make proper provision for these onerous terms in either the pricing or the administrative structure. Ideally, you should consult Kerrigans whenever unfamiliar or complex terms are offered to you.

In addition, Kerrigans lawyers and consultants can assist you in carrying out the proper forecasting of the effects of compensation events and the proper estimation of the value and effect of variations, which can avoid future disputes.